3D/4D Ultrasound

3-Dimensional and 4-Dimensional imaging represents the latest and greatest developments in ultrasound technology. While 2-Dimensional ultrasounds are extraordinarily valuable, adding the third and fourth planes to the view can allow us to identify and possibly treat a wide variety of developmental issues in utero.

How It Works

To create 3D images, an ultrasound system determines the volume of a subject – for example, a baby. Then, it reconstructs the image in three dimensions. By performing up to 25 volume scans per second, 4D imaging technology bridges the gap between still photographs and live video by displaying the 3D images as they happen.

This revolutionary technology allows better analysis of fetal development by providing visualization of internal anatomy moving in real-time. In addition, it can help determine fetal age, evaluate multiple and/or high-risk pregnancies and detect fetal or placental abnormalities, structural problems with the uterus, ectopic pregnancies and other abnormalities.

As with all of Kraemer Women’s Center state-of-the-art equipment, our ultrasound machine is designed to provide you with all the information and security you need to provide you and your family peace of mind and good health.